Earn a £50 Gift Card in a few simple clicks

If you are happy with the way we do things at Scaffoldsure, why not recommend us to your friends and family? All you need to do is fill out our form below and we’ll take it from there. If your friend does buy a policy with us, we’ll send you a £50 Gift Card and your friend a £25 Gift Card. You can refer as many friends as you like, and each time a new customer is referred by you, that’s another Gift Card for each of you. Spread the word and check out the small print for the finer details.

Gift card reward

You submit the form

Once you've entered the required details (we'll need yours and your friend's) and submitted the form, we'll send your friend an email.

They buy a policy

Your friend will need to take a policy with us.

We send you both a reward

If they buy a policy, we’ll send you both an email with instructions for claiming your Gift Card. You can pick from a range of leading brands, including John Lewis and Amazon.co.uk. You'll both need active policies after 21 days to receive your reward.

Your details

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a business contact, consider this a little thank you for spreading the word of Adultsure. We’ll need your details to get the ball rolling. For more information read our terms and conditions.

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