Scaffoldsure are one of a kind – a forward thinking, innovative and open minded insurance broker who understand the bespoke nature and needs of our clients who run businesses within the construction industry.

As part of Thornhill Insurance who have been trading for 35 years, Scaffoldsure combine a wealth of experience with a fresh outlook on insurance for a thriving industry.

We offer impartial advice, top quality cover and rates that rival the faceless internet competition.

We took our time, did our research and are confident we now have a great understanding of the construction markets and we are able to offer the right products to all businesses.

We have found many of our clients have struggled to find the correct cover to fit their business needs. We pride ourselves on our service and honesty and we always put our clients first!

Brian Thornhill


Jacqui Thornhill


Lucy Thornhill

Client Manager

Sophie Thornhill

Financial Consultant

Conor Proctor

Account Executive

Samuel Woodings

Account Executive

Stephanie Pal

Insurance Executive

Linda Broderick

Insurance Executive

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